The CILK Revolution

Re-inventing eyelash extensions

Great innovators always think of new efficient ways of doing the same thing we already do.

You could easily think of the car that replaced the horses or the electric lights that replaced the gas lights.

Gladly, innovations aren’t limited by size or by value, and they can be as small as a piece of hair, or maybe an eyelash.

Speaking of eyelashes, we already know that most women would not go on a party night without their eyelashes extension.

They enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes, which have the impressive ability to transform your face. 

Add a pair of eyelashes to Mickey Mouse and you’ll get Minnie Mouse. Add eyelashes to Bugs Bunny, and you’ll get Lola Bunny.
You get the thing, now let’s talk about the way they are currently applied on ladies eyes.


The Struggle

Just the idea of glue-ing the extensions over your true lashes, is quite scaring.

  1. Glue is messy
  2. Glue make your real lashes fall down
  3. Glued false lashes tend to get damaged very easily.
  4. Buying fake lashes for each couple of uses get very expensive.


There is many reasons why the current eyelashes are just too much of a struggle for girls.



The Magnetic Innovation


After watching all those women getting ready to go out, while struggling with these glued lashes,
an innovator came up with the idea of replacing the glue by something more simple, something that make things stick together, and un-stick when needed.
“MAGNETS” , yes you got it. The only thing is his solution was to put magnetic eyelashes on top and under your lashes, which was quite a funny and unpractical idea that was very fast disliked by the public.




After a long time of stalking this market, and a couple years of lab testing, CILK which was already praised for the great quality of its eyelashes, finally came up with an amazing solution named CILKLINER, the magnetic eyeliner.

See, ladies, and even some mens, are used to the eyeliner. So CILK decided to make a liquid solution that includes Iron Oxide (which is already found in a lot of cosmetics), and make it all work so the eyelashes stick to the line applied by the eyeliner.

The CILK Advantages

  1. No glue, No mess.
  2. You were already applying eyeliner.
  3. Re-usable up to 50 wears, save your money.
  4. Cruelty-Free and responsible solution.
  5. Easy for beginners.
  6. Safe for your eyes and lashes.


Is it safe ?

That is one question that was asked by most of the people when they first found out about the magnetic eyeliner system.


and the answer is simply YES. The substance responsible for the lashes magnetizing with the eyeliner liquid is trace amounts of iron oxides, which is permitted by the FDA to be used as a colour additive in numerous cosmetics and allowed in the eye area.


Not only this, but the iron oxides in the magnetic liner is synthetic, so it doesn't have any ferrous or ferric oxides. 


Another question that people have been asked is :


Is it safe to have magnets that close to the eyes?


And the answer is Yes.



A trainer Eye Surgeon tells us: "It's absolutely not a problem with the magnets adhering to the eyelid skin and magnets do not cause any kind of disruption in your eyes movements or your vision".


In Conclusion; CILK Magnetic Eyeliners are totally safe for your eyes, and even safer for the animals because CILK is completely animal-free.



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